How To Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day


One Valentine’s Day, shortly after my divorce, I was walking around a neighborhood variety store and while I was standing in the Valentines aisle looking at all the yummy, fun stuff I might buy for my grandchildren the thought of how my ex would never buy me a box of chocolates because, he said, “I don’t want you to get fat.” intruded into the moment.  I have to admit, even after all the years of separation I was still hurt that he thought so little of me but instead of going into a fit of sadness I made a 180 and decided I didn’t need no stinkin’ man to give me a box of valentine candies, I could do it MYSELF!  So I spent quite a bit of time looking, feeling the enormity of this moment in my life and ultimately ended up with the biggest, brightest red tin of chocolates I could find.  After tucking them under my arm I headed to the checkout line.  While standing there thinking about that box of chocolates and how anxious I was to get them into my car and open them, my reverie was interrupted by an elderly woman behind me who caught my attention when she said, “Wow looks like someone is loved this Valentine’s Day.”  I looked back and smiled, “Yes, me.  I decided I was tired of waiting for someone else to show they love me so decided to do it myself.”

Now THAT is what I call a babe in total charge of herself – BOOOOOYAAAHHHH!

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